Demo EP

by DevianLynx



Produced, mixed and recorded by Javier Vilarrubias

Photography by Olga de la Iglesia


released March 27, 2011



all rights reserved


DevianLynx Barcelona, Spain

Ninu López (voz), Javier Vilarrubias (guitarra), Guillem Mora (bajo), Roger Comas (teclados) y Hugh Perelló (batería).

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Track Name: Untitled Lies
Oh no…
Don't try to give me reasons to excuse what you’ve done,
I know…
Your demons now are coming to demand a reward.
It’s late…
I feel their drum rolls, intoning their dark songs,
It’s late…
I ear their rustles; you’ll pay what you’ve done to yourself.

I don’t like your attitude,
I’ve been pleasant; you’ve been rude, with me… these years…
You are the hangman and the hanged,
You the hunter that ‘ve been hunted, by you… you fool…
And now it’s too late to, rewrite your intentions,
They won’t… trust you…
And now it’s too late to, beg for salvation,
They won’t… let you…

No, they will not be kindly, ‘cause they know,
The pain that you’ve caused,
You can run away but someday, you will be found,
And all these years lying will fall over you like a stone.
So don’t try to hide yourself ‘cause they come…
To make you pay for what you’ve done.

You keep lying to yourself,
You keep going to that place, to hide… your shame…
You walk along the narrow shore,
I don’t know when you will fall, but I… don’t care…
‘Cause I’ve been for so long, imploring your control,
And you… refuse it…
And now your worst fear, will become real,
And it’s all, your fault…

No, this is just your battle; we are not fighting you versus me,
This is a disease that you created and you need it to be,
And as much as you deny it, they’ll keep coming,
And make you less free…
So don’t try to hide yourself ‘cause they come…
To make you pay for what you’ve done.

We don’t know when this will fall over you…
Track Name: Bluebird
Sometimes I feel I was born to be alone
Sometimes I think people don't really know me
There's a bluebird running wild
In my heart
No matter how I try to stop
His singing drives mad
And when he wants to get out
I just don't know what to do
I guess I’m not like you, Charles

I’ve spent my days between bartenders and whores
Drowning my bird on whisky and smoke
And there’s that bluebird running wild,
In my heart
No matter how i try to stop
His singing drives me mad

No one knows that I have
That crazy bird in my heart
I guess I’m just like you, Charles

His singing always
Faces the truth
No matter whisky
No matter moon

His singing never
Flees from the blue
No matter charm
No matter room

O no! I know that you are there
We'll have to keep our pact in secret
Track Name: Getaway
3.AM in bed
and I can’t get no sleep
Digging out myself
The ceiling’s over me

3.AM in bed
and I‘m is still awake
Blaming myself
for all the tricks I made

I need time to get away,
Time to get away from you

Is it my fault?
That happened long time ago
Can’t find my way
Getting away from you