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Full moon in the city of sorrows
Lighting up the sombre streets
Coming faintly through my window
Stroking my dreads and fears, won’t let me rest my tears.

Dust; wail, misery and pain,
I’m drowning in this city, insane.
Thrown into the void of the darkness
Crying out helpless shouts, hoping find light in my doubts.

Uh, uh, uh… your dreads are coming for you.
Uh, uh, uh… I want you, I want you.

¿Will the sun show its face?
Rising up above this grave.
Clearing all those fears that seize my soul
And deprive me of control.
It's always dark before the dawn
A brand new day will soon come out
New things to care about
I will find a light in my doubts.

New moon in the city of sorrows,
Paint their walls with some dark shade.
And it makes lose the conscience of where are you,
‘Cause if it’s night or day, the sky it’s dyed grey.

Dreads, fears that I’ve passed in these years,
Are drowning me in this city, insane.
Everything is reign by the absolute chaos,
‘Cause if it’s night or day, the sky it’s dyed grey.

You took my tomorrows with
Nothing left to make it change


from Do you?, track released March 5, 2013



all rights reserved


DevianLynx Barcelona, Spain

Ninu López (voz), Javier Vilarrubias (guitarra), Guillem Mora (bajo), Roger Comas (teclados) y Hugh Perelló (batería).

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